HIPP Organic Baby Wipes (2x56 Baby Wipes)

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  • Without mineral oil.
  • No added preservatives (as required by Cosmetics Decree).
  • Without essential oils, as some of these may lead to allergies.
  • Without alcohol.
  • Free of soap.
  • Without fragrances and colouring agents.
  • Without animal raw materials.
  • pH skin-neutral.
For gentle cleaning of the face, hands and body – especially for when travelling. Wet wipes contain useful organic almond oil and soothing chamomile extract. Soft wipes are made from 100% natural fibers, which are well tolerated by the skin and have very little scent - optimal for sensitive skin of your baby. They have a delicate sponge structure – also optimal for your baby’s sensitive skin.

HIPP Organic Baby Wipes (2x56 Baby Wipes)

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