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Summer Infant - 3-In-1 Floor N More Support Seat - White

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  • Machine Washable Soft Fabric Seat
  • 3-In-1 multi-use seat
  • Use 1: floor seat - The soft, supportive fabric seat is perfect for floor time fun, as baby learns to sit up
  • Use 2: feeding seat - The large tray is perfect for feeding and playtime, either on the floor or attached to an adult chair
  • Use 3: booster seat- attach to an
  • Adult chair with included straps to bring your toddler up close to the adult table
The Summer 3-in-1 Floor N More Support Seat is the perfect place for your little one to explore the new world around them. When your baby begins to sit up unassisted, this seat provides just the right level of support around their waist, hips and legs. The extra-soft fabric conforms to baby, providing a comfortable but supportive seat. The large tray can be used for activity or snack time when the seat either is on the floor or secured to an adult chair at table height. Sit, snack, or play in this multi-use seat.